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Omi Cute

Cube - Ice ball maker

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1. Soak it in water for one minute before
taking ice (preferably warm water to make
the ice melt a little). You must open the
cover before you pull it. If you do not
operate as required, it may not be able to
open, or even cause damage to the
2. The freezing time should be long
enough, otherwise the ice cubes taken out
will be incomplete.

Instructions For Use 

1. Open the lid, pour pure water or beverage into the pot, reach the position of the water injection line, close the body tightly, and tighten the lid after squeezing out the excess air.

2. Put it in the freezer area (-18°C) for 6-8 hours until it freezes

3. When the lid is tightened, the inside of the pot is in a vacuum state. Please do not open or pull the body forcibly to avoid damage to the body.

4. Shake the ice hockey pot to completely fall off the ice ball, pour water or beverage into the pot, and the ice drink is finished (you can also pour the ice hockey directly out and use it)

1. Keep your drinks cool longer, for cocktail, iced coffee, iced tea, fruit juice, punch, water and other beverages.
2. Great for house parties, home bars, restaurants, beaches, holiday events.
3. Nontoxic, leak-free, this durable ice tray won't crack or break. Easy to fill, remove and clean.
4. The bottle cap and bottle body are designed with anti-loss chain, which can be disassembled flexibly and carried out more conveniently
5. Flat body shape, easy to take with one hand, home use or car carry, easy to receive, does not take up space


Type: Ice Maker Kettle
Material: PE
Color: White, Pink, Grey
Size(L*W): Approx. 27.3x11.4x5.8cm

Package Included:
1pcx Ice Maker Kettle

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