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Omi Cute

Cross - Press On Nails

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  • Brand new and high quality 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Easy to stick and remove 
  • Can be filed and painted with polish but use acetone free polish remover
  • Nails can be worn about a week .Wait a few hours or overnight before re-applying .

How to choose your size

1. Soft ruler measurement

O scale aligned with one end of the nail

The other end of the nail is the actual size, as picture is 15mm

2.Ruler measurement

Make a mark on the 2 ends of the nail

Measure mark size

If left and right fingers are the same size , just measure one side fingers .


Size Chart

We support custom press on nails and size :

Package List

1*10 pieces handmade false nails+1 piece glue+ 1 piece nail file+1 piece wood Stick+1 piece alcohol pad+24 pieces jelly glue sticker


There are 3 methods to apply the nails

Using Glue or Jelly Glue Kit or solid patch adhesive.The following are the 2 most commonly used methods

How to use glue

  1. Polish the nails, use a nail polisher to gently polish the nail surface and fake nail will be sticked it more firmly
  2. Alcohol cotton to clean the nail surface Clean the dust and stains on the surface of the nail plate
  3. Cut the glue bottle
  4. Apply on nails Just smear on the sticker
  5. Press the sticker at the root for a few minutes and accidentally drop it on your hand, you can immediately wash it off with water

How to Use Jelly Glue Kit

Step1 :Choose a sticker which fits the false nail tip

Step2: Take the sticker out and place it to the false nail tip

Step3: Press the sticker to ensure no bubble or gap between the sticker and the false nail tip

Step4: Remove the protection sheet from the sticker:

Step5:Put the false nail tip on your finger and press it for about 5 seconds

The Difference between the two methods :

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Rasheed Orn

Perfect! Just like the photo. SO cute. Friends and family loved them too. I'm really impressed with the quality. I'm diagnosed autistic and ADD. Both of these make me very clumsy, I bump into everything. I don't know how many times I snagged the jewels, but they are extremely well-attached. I wore these for about a week and a half, soaked them off, and they're still perfect. I did use my own glue, so I honestly can't speak to their glue. I immediately bought two more pairs and just received those. Shipping was very fast both orders. I'm very happy, I would definitely would recommend this seller!

Curt Abbott

Loveeeee them will be buying again

Abbey Rowe

Thank you! Very pretty although thought they were going to be longer

Freda Mitchell

Nails arrived in good packaging and they fit well, I really loved these nails , I work pretty hard with my hands and they didn’t break

Angus Considine

They're beautiful. They arrived fast. They're my favorite of all I 've bought so far.