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Omi Cute

Miya Earbuds

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  • Product specification: earphone (32.5X

  • 18.5Х 17.7mm)

  • Music playing time: about 6.5h (50% volume)

  • Bluetooth version: 5.2

  • Talk time: about 4.5 5h

  • Transmission distance: 10m

  • Charging time: about 1.5h

  • Bluetooth pairing: MINISO-207/208

  • Battery capacity: headset 40mAh/base 300mAh

  • Rated voltage: 5V DC

  • Charging socket: TYPE-C

  • Main materials: PC, ABS, (hardware)

Use method: for the first time: (* See the manual for details)

  1. Please keep the distance between the headset and the mobile phone within 1 m
  2. Open the charging compartment and the upper cover, the headset will automatically start up and enter the pairing state, and the left and right ears will automatically pair
  3. Open the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, click the search device, and when the mobile phone finds the "MINISO-207/208", click the link directly 

matters needing attention:

  1. Please read the instructions carefully before using the product and keep it properly
  2. Do not disassemble or modify this product by yourself
  3. Please do not use headphones in potential environments to ensure safety
  4. Try to avoid using earphones to listen to music, make or answer calls while driving, so as to avoid distracting attention and causing danger
  5. Please place the earphone out of the reach of children to avoid) danger caused by improper use of children
  6. Avoid storing or using earphones in an environment where the temperature is lower than - 20 ° C or higher than 45 ° C, otherwise the life of earphones and batteries will be shortened
  7. Please do not throw to avoid product damage due to falling
  8. The battery of this product cannot be replaced.Please dispose it according to local regulations or send it to a professional organisation for recycling.Do not discard it at will or put it into fire
  9. lf the headset is not applicable for a long time, please charge the headset every 3 months to extend its battery life 

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