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Omi Cute

All Day - Heating Belt

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  • Use safety materials, heat evenly, and have high safety, no need to worry about insufficient heat or overheating and burns.
  • Switching position, three-speed constant temperature 45-65 degrees, freely adjustable .
  • 10 seconds of rapid heating, rapid heat generation, no need to wait.
  • USB charging it can be connected to power, computer and charging treasure.

Product Include:

  • 1*Warm & massager Belt
  • 1*USB Cable
  • 1*Manual

Prohibited people:

  • Patients with severe heart disease are prohibited from using moderate and severe cardiovascular diseases.
  • It is forbidden to use for patients with skin sensation disorders or skin abnormalities.
  • It is forbidden to use it for patients who suffer from gout or have not fully recovered from gout during the onset of the disease.
  • Patients with cervical cancer are prohibited from using it.
  • Prohibit pregnancy.


  • It is recommended not to use it at a high temperature of more than 8 minutes, and each extension of use time should not exceed 30 minutes.
  • The recommendation for sensitive skin is to use it through clothing.

Weight:: 180g

Temperature:: 39-50℃

Rated Voltage:: 3.7V

Product Size:: 160x90x35mm

Power Source:: Rechargeable Battery

Material:: Cotton, ABS

Charging time:: About 3-4 hours to fill

Battery Capacity:: 1800mAh

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