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Omi Cute

Fruit Juicer

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Portable Electric Juicer comes in a small size that is convenient to carry and use. In addition, you can easily charge it with a USB cable connected to your laptop, car USB port, power bank, or any power outlet. A built-in long-life battery allows you to make fresh juice whenever you need it.

Squeeze juices in a simple and fast way. With this juicer you can do it much faster than with a manual. In addition you can take it wherever you want thanks to its compact design.

EASY TO CLEAN: Simply remove the mug from the base and put it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

100% portable – take it on trips, camping, vacations or hotels to ensure you get your fresh juice, whenever and wherever!


How Does It Work 

This high-powered juicer boasts an ultra-efficient lithium-ion rechargeable battery that effectively shreds through any type of fruit or vegetable with ease. This machine ensures you get every last drop of liquid.

By applying over 100lbs of upward pressure, while spinning and grinding. The fruit pulp gets shredded and squeezed so that every last drop of juice gets extracted.