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Omi Cute

Snuggles - Cat & Dog Sofa

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Introducing our Pet Plush Sofa, the epitome of luxury and comfort for your furry friend! Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite pet item offers a cozy haven for cats and small dogs.

Designed with a spacious interior, measuring 66*37*33CM, our Cat Plush Sofa provides ample room for pets weighing up to 7.5kg. The plush velvet material combined with high-quality pearl cotton ensures a soft, fluffy surface that your pet will love to snuggle into.

Say goodbye to collapsed beds! The plump filling cotton guarantees a supportive and comfortable resting place for cats, allowing them to relax without compromising the bed's shape.

Cleaning is a breeze with the removable design of our Cat Plush Sofa. Simply detach the cover and give it a quick wash, ensuring a hygienic environment for your pet.

The bottom of the sofa is equipped with epoxy particles, providing excellent anti-skid, moisture-proof, and skid-resistant properties. You can trust that your pet will enjoy a stable and secure lounging experience.

Indulge your pet with the delicate imitation rabbit down, creating a soft and cozy surface that rivals the touch of genuine fur.

Please note that the product is delivered in a vacuum-compressed packaging to ensure safe transportation. Upon receiving the package, carefully open it and allow the inner core to regain its shape. Gently pat the sofa to evenly distribute the filling, and within an hour, it will be fully fluffed up and ready for use.

We understand that your pet's comfort is paramount. In rare cases where the sofa doesn't fully recover, simply open the zipper and adjust the filling to your desired level of softness. You can even add extra stuffing cotton or repurpose old clothes for additional padding if needed.

Unveil the Cat Plush Sofa and treat your beloved pet to the ultimate lounging experience. Order now and experience the pinnacle of luxury pet furniture!

Customer Reviews

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Lavada Goldner

Amazing quality my dog sleeping so well

Rosalee Mayert

Too Beautiful .. very comfortable ..
Very happy with my purchase.

Ronaldo Pfeffer

Very fast delivery. Thanks for a pillow.