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Omi Cute

Wishes - Wireless Headphones

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1. The new version of Bluetooth 5.1 is adopted. Compared with Bluetooth 4.2, the transmission speed is faster and more stable, the signal is stronger, and the delay is ultra-low

2.40mm shocking bass, more texture and richer layers

3. LED color lamp, cat ear dazzling color, can be turned on or off at will

4. Fold it for storage, carry it with you, and put the earphone into the storage bag


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kelton Cartwright

The sound is good, connected immediately, the light music is super. My daughter will like it

William Smitham

It came quickly, took a long time in the mail. The headphones are comfortable, the sound is very well transmitted, the bass sounds very good, and the backlight flashes into the tact. Connected and identified quickly. Well, still very nice. Product and seller recommend, maybe something else I will order)

Brenden Fay

My daughter needed some headphones for school and I got her this set so she could keep them protected in the included bag. They have cute little kitty cat ears and can be used wirelessly via bluetooth or with a stereo cable to plug them in even if they need to be recharged. They light up and do last quite a long time.

Annamarie Kozey

This headphones are very comfortable. And they fit not just for kiddos but even for the adult kiddos . The very cute cat shaped case is a great accessory. The lights are a smooth shifting fade. And when you put them on your easily transported away to your audible destination without any distractions or leaking of sound . They wireless option is great as well as the wired. The best part is the function buttons on the bottom of the headset that allows the listener to skip songs pause and rewind. 5/5 on these great buy !

Imelda Roberts

These are some great headphones! They connect good to Bluetooth, they light up nicely with just a push of a button, they come with a charger cord also an aux cord and manual. They fold for easy travel and storage, they’re very sturdy and the ear pads are very soft and comfortable, they sound great and they’re good for gaming and talking!